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Our E3 After School Program is comprised of 3 components designed to provide students the opportunity to participate in our “Signature” E3 Theme Classes, Study Hall/ “Think Tank” and “It’s a Wrap”. A positive philosophy of character building is integrated into each of the components. Our program can be custom designed to fit the needs of each individual school we serve.

E3 Theme Signature Classes

The E3 After School Program Theme Class is comprised of themes with an emphasis in art, music, dance, science and physical education. Our program introduces students to the great artists and also provides a life-long appreciation toward music and the great composers. The students develop an enthusiasm toward the discovery of science and are also exposed to various cultures through the study of geography.

Parents not needing full time care may enroll their children for the “class only”* option, taking these specialized classes 1-5 times per week for one hour a day.

Study Hall / “Think Tank”

This hour is likened to a library time where the classroom setting is quiet and the student can get a head start on the day’s homework. Our staff is available to assist with homework, check what has been completed and let parents know through a “Homework Alert” where the student might require further help at home.

“It’s a Wrap!”

An hour that provides opportunities to finish homework and/or enrichment projects and participate in supervised indoor/outdoor activities.

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