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Kindergarten Enrichment Program

Our five-star E3 Kindergarten Enrichment Program provides Kindergartners with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience curriculum where emphasis is placed on hands-on activities that develop skills, foster curiosity, and promote participation and socialization.

Our Program is comprised of signature monthly themes and activities resulting in creative investigation and discovery. Kindergartners explore the worlds of science, history, art, and music by becoming scientists, geographers, artists and musicians. Children will perform experiments, paint like the masters, and are introduced to a variety of musical instruments.

What sets the Kindergarten Enrichment Program at E3 apart from other programs is our unique inter-disciplinary curriculum provided for each child to participate in. It is a rarity to find a program such as ours, where children study the art and scientific techniques of Leonardo da Vinci, paint the Mona Lisa, craft a musical instrument, and invent a gadget that will help the world’s environment. They are provided opportunities as Kindergartners that most students are not exposed to until their later years, thus, developing an early enthusiasm for enriched learning.

The E3 Kindergarten Enrichment Program is tailor made for each school, and is dependent on half-day or full-day kindergarten schedules.

Kindergarten Enrichment is the perfect balance to a child’s academic day!

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