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Hello Mary, Camille and everybody in your office,

Thank you so much for your email – your thoughts and words.  They make my day. We too are very grateful to have such wonderful, caring and thoughtful people take care of our children, and with that, helps us parents tremendously. It has been a pleasure emailing with you almost every day. Thank you again for all you do. It is hugely appreciated.

With a big smile,

Verena Bird
Parent at Goethe International Charter School

“Thank you so much for all that you do for our children and for this special event.  Ms. Nicole was great with my Nico and with all of the other children.  She will be missed.  I want to make sure you realized how much we appreciate E3.  Nico will be going to Middle School and he was chosen to make a speech at Riverside tomorrow morning.  In his speech he mentions that he will miss E3 and all the friends that he made there.  I would also like to say that you have made a great choice when you hired Josh.  He is wonderful with the children and takes his time with explaining things to them.  He was always very kind to me and I appreciated knowing that my son was in good hands with all of your staff.  Many, many thanks and all the best!”

Patti Burns
Former Parent at Riverside Drive Elementary

“I have two daughters who attended E3 at Riverside Drive.  I believe that the education and care they received from their E3 teachers was the best there is.  The staff was kind, fun, caring, involved, and truly dedicated to doing their best for the kids.  I always knew my girls were in good hands.  They learned so much about subjects that are not covered in school, such as about geography, art, music, history, science, and cooking.  Anyone who is attending a school that has E3 should consider themselves very fortunate.  I can’t imagine a better after school program.”

Polina Bernstein
Former Parent at Riverside Drive Elementary

“E3 provides a well-rounded educational experience for students at their own individual level, and also assists our parents in the areas of enrichment, academics, and homework help. E3 is successful due to their respect and appreciation for the diversity of the student population and for creating a positive learning environment that capitalizes on each student’s unique contribution to the group learning process. They additionally involve the entire school and staff when presenting special programs.

“This past year, our STAR scores went up 7 points and we ranked 2nd in District 2 with an overall score of 883. It is through the collaborative effort and support of partners like E3 that this achievement was recorded.”

Susan Goldberg
Former Principal, Kester Elementary School

“E3 is a fabulous after school program. E3 teacher’s instructional knowledge is strong in all areas, but especially so in the area of creativity. They are also sensitive to the needs of special education students and their program exemplifies the intent of the Modified Consent Decree. In short, their management, knowledge of curriculum and organizational skills has allowed Lanai Road’s enrichment to run as smoothly as it does. I recommend this program to all of my parents.”

Mary Melvin
Former Principal, Lanai Road Elementary School

“This program offers the students an incredible array of experiences that reach far beyond the core program. Praise from parents caused the program to nearly double in size its second year and I especially look forward to the special events when parents are invited.”

Joanie Freckmann
Former Principal, Colfax Charter Elementary School

“E3 has been servicing 80 students at our school. It provides a wonderful program filled with all of the elements found in separate enrichment after school programs. The Homework Support on a daily basis has made a NOTICEABLE difference with our students. Tulsa’s STAR Test Scores have shot up 58 points this school year, as E3 support has assisted in making this possible! The E3 staff supports Character Counts and devotes the same focus and rules making for a continuous line of instruction throughout the day and after school.”

Shari Moelter
Former Principal, Tulsa Street Elementary

“My son Joshua is a kindergartener at Lanai Road Elementary, and he and I are so fortunate to have Miss Suzann and Miss Nikki as his E3 teachers.  Since the beginning of the school year, they have always gone out of their way to keep me informed about Joshua’s day – how he behaved, some of the cute things he may have said or did, what activities he enjoyed. They love to teach children and of course are very positive role models.  I also appreciate the fact that they reinforce positive social behavior – if the kids do something good, they acknowledge it immediately.  When negative behaviors occur, they will correct the kids right away, in a firm tone, yet with respect for feelings. They have always been upbeat, kind, helpful, and supportive to me as a single mom.  When Joshua was having trouble earlier in the year, they remained patient with him.  They got together with his classroom teacher and compared notes, and then shared their thoughts with me and kept me fully informed of his progress.  Joshua enjoys E3 so much that when I come to pick him up after work, he’s really not ready to leave yet! I feel that they are both excellent representatives of your company, and thought you should know about their quality performance at Lanai.  I would recommend them, and E3, to anyone.”

Deena Asher
Parent, Lanai Road Elementary


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