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Class Descriptions


Animal Art: This art class introduces students to some of the world’s greatest artists as we showcase their styles, techniques, and the variety of mediums they used. They will learn how to draw a horse like Stubbs, create a camouflaged animal college in the style of Rousseau and make a sculpture like Picasso’s goat!

Art Academy- Students will explore the works of Michelangelo, Pollock & Seurat as well as the historical aspect of each artist. Students will also learn about the different art techniques these artists have introduced into art culture such as pointillism, drip painting, and impressionism. In addition, students will be revisiting the elements of art such as color, texture, shape, and more to cohesively combine the two concepts together.

 Artistic Inventions: There is an enduring relationship between Science and Art, and we always enjoy exploring this connection. There was a time when artists were scientists who had a thorough understanding of chemistry, botany, mineralogy, and the latest technological advances. This session looks back to these times, introducing children to the possibility of creating his or her own art materials and creating art pieces using these materials. It is our hope that by going back in time to artistic alchemy, students will open their eyes to the endless possibility of artistic invention.

Art of France: Join us in our Art Around the World series.  We’re off to France! Students will construct their very own replica of the Eiffel tower while learning about the architect Gustav Eiffel. They will also dabble in the impressionistic plein air art style of Monet along with still life paintings of Cezanne.  Lastly, they will sculpt in the Degas flair, learn how to cook French Toast and even learn a touch of French!

Art of Japan: We will take a closer look at the country’s abundant art forms. Students will learn about the major aesthetic traditions that have shaped modern Japanese culture and society. Art activities that will be demonstrated delve into the historical background of Japan’s everyday life and leisure activities. This class will also explore the geographical aspects of beautiful Japan.

Art of the World: Students will be making a variety of art projects and crafts from places around the globe. From North America to Africa, students will learn the meaning and significance behind these art pieces and what it meant to each culture they explore.

Cartooning / Pokémon Battles: This class will teach students how cartoons are made by hand through drawing techniques and character design to develop their favorite Pokémon characters. This class will build student confidence, hand to eye coordination, their creative skills, and an overall understanding of basic drawing. The students will see that by using simple supplies that can be found at home or in the classroom, that they can create their favorite cartoon characters that will lead to hours of fun!

Clay Creations: Students will learn the basics of clay sculpture techniques. Projects include creating clay pinch pots to clay snake and animal pots. Each week features a famous clay artist; Artists are from all over the world! Students will gain inspiration from these artists for their own clay sculptures.

Contemporary Art: Students will step into the world of Realism, Dadaism, and Expressionism as they learn about the artists who inspired these movements and recreate their masterpieces.

Creative Wiring:
Wire art is an extraordinary way to express creativity. This certain style of art promotes a certain kind of originality that is not seen in other art forms. Some of these art forms include intricate jewelry and sculptures. Students will learn the basic fundamentals and techniques of wiring by making their own projects out of craft wire and other multimedia. For each class, students will learn about famous wire artists such as Gavin Worth, Ivan Lovatt, Alexander Calder, and many more!

Elements of Art: Students will discover and explore artists’ lives and how their artwork derived from basic elements of art and transitioned into their own individual masterpieces.

E3 Cultural Arts: Our students will uncover a variety of cultures around the world through folk stories, music and art experiences. For this session, the spotlight will be on Japan, India and the Caribbean islands.

Global Art: Our world is a massive and wondrous place filled with a myriad of cultures, customs and traditions.  This class will introduce our students to a world of traditional arts and crafts around the globe and take a closer look at its origins, history, and meaning behind a variety of art pieces.  Students will gain a new perspective on colors, patterns, styles and techniques and how different cultures throughout our world have influenced the contemporary art of today.

Graphic Novels (Intro): Although today’s graphic novels are a recent phenomenon, this basic way of storytelling has been used in various forms for centuries—early cave drawings, hieroglyphics and medieval tapestries. This class will show students how stories are told in pictures and foster their creativity in drawing and writing.  Students will learn about panels and how they grab and hold your attention. They will also learn about creating a narrative and framing images to optimize and capture the essence of each scene.

Landscape Art: This class introduces students to some of the world’s greatest artist, their techniques, and the materials they used. They’ll discover how to create a scene in the style of Van Gogh, experiment with light and color to paint like Monet, or use textiles to create a landscape like Kandinsky.

Landscape Art w/Wolf Kahn: Wolf Kahn is a landscape artist who is widely known for his use of oil and pastels by combining realism with modern abstract concepts.  As a second edition to our Landscape Art series, this class will demonstrate Wolf Kahn’s unique techniques in realism and will give students the opportunity to have a new perspective on the way they view/draw scenes in nature.

Math Art – Inspired by Greg Tang’s book, Math-terpieces, students will learn the art of problem solving through famous artists and their masterpieces.  Our young artists will not only learn technical skills, but also develop the ability to apply them in innovative ways.  The goal of this class is to teach, challenge, inspire and entertain–all at the same time!  Students will explore patterns, tessellation, symmetry, geometry, optical illusions, volume and so much more.

Mosaic Art: Students will explore the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, tiles and other various materials. They will learn the technique of this decorative style of art and will be inspired to create their own mosaic masterpieces.

Oodles of Doodles: Students will be inspired to create their own coloring book with their beautiful works of art with simple doodling prompts: Name doodling, things you love doodling, geometric shapes doodling to mention a few. This free form style of art will help our students to create and find their inner artists as there are no mistakes in doodling! Doodling with their eyes closed and doodling with their non-dominant hand will help unleash that artist within.

Origami: Come and learn this amazing art of folding paper! Students will not only learn basic origami terminology and folds, they will also transform their origami creations into beautiful and useful crafts such as flower arrangements, greeting cards, ornaments, and more!

‘People’ Art: Students will be introduced to some of the world’s greatest artists and capture their perspectives, portrayals and interpretations of human art.  Students will learn how to sculpt a head like Picasso, carve the face of Michelangelo using soap and paint a family portrait on a clay surface like the Egyptians.

Pet Portraiture: They are members of our families (even if they may occasionally chew up our favorite pair of shoes, or snatch the pizza off the counter), and they have always made the most interesting of artistic subjects. Whether an oversized oil painting of a favorite hunting dog, or a luminous watercolor of a short-lived goldfish, we have always found ways to celebrate our pets. This session, we will be taking the time to bring your animal pal to life. Students should bring their own pictures of their pet or favorite animal to guide their way. During the weeks we will examine the anatomical structures of animals, acrylic painting techniques, and use of color so that each artist walks away with a canvas that really captures their pet. For those without a pet, or who simply want to work on a favorite animal, we will push them to create a fantastic final product as well!

Stained Glass Art: Stained glass originated within walls of the great cathedrals. Pieces of tinted glass were assembled in a lead framework to form a picture or design. Then—presto! Like magic, ordinary daylight was instantly transformed as it passed through the stained glass, into an array of dazzling colored light!  With safe materials that mimic the effect of stained glass, students will make their own “stained-glass” designs. Week to week students will create different “stained glass” art pieces such as a rose roundel, plastic jars and plates!

World Art: China – The journey begins as students explore the art, history and culture of China throughout its ancient dynasties.  Our young artists will craft their skills in calligraphy brush art while studying traditional and contemporary artists in landscapes, still life and poetry.


Appetizer Edition – All around the world, appetizers are enjoyed all throughout the day with one goal in common: to entice you to eat and rejoice in the company of others.  In this edition of Cooking, students will explore a variety of international appetizers as they make hors d’oerves, tapas, antipasto and so much more.  Not only will they hone their skills in the kitchen, they will discover how food can showcase your personality and your culture.  Join us at the end of the session for an appetizer party! Bon appétit!

Breakfast Edition – Take a break from the cereal box and learn how to prepare quick and healthy breakfasts!  Our Young Chefs will safely learn how to prepare basic breakfast items that are nutritious, delicious and will satisfy their growing appetites! Other topics will include fun facts and origins of food, proper dining etiquette, and the importance of maintaining a clean and safe kitchen environment.  And the fun part of it all… students will get to sample their foods and create a recipe book!  (All food allergies will be carefully observed).

Lemonade Alley: Lemonade Alley essentially is, a lemonade stand contest…with an entrepreneur twist. Students will be in charge of coming up with lemonade recipes, marketing ideas, and eventually sales. Students will understand all the aspects that encompass a business through this fun and exciting curriculum. We have partnered up with BizGym to get this started locally as it originated in Hawaii and is rapidly making its buzz all around. Students will choose a charity of their own to donate all the profits to. For the kids, it’s about empowerment and finding the hero within to give back to the community.

Lunch Box Edition: Reinvent your lunchbox with fresh and healthy meals, snacks and desserts!  Our Young Chefs will safely learn how to prepare basic lunches that are nutritious, delicious and will satisfy their growing appetites! Other topics will include fun facts and origins of food, proper dining etiquette, and the importance of maintaining a clean and safe kitchen environment.

Smoothies: Smoothies are one of the healthiest snacks, and sometimes meals, to have. They’re pretty refreshing too! Students will be able to learn first hand how to make tasty, colorful, and healthy smoothies. Students will dive into the art of blending fruits and vegetables by going over many different recipes. Each week, students will also learn the nutritional facts about each fruit and ingredient from each recipe. Kids will have fun making them, but tasting them will be the real treat!

Snack Edition: Reinvent your lunchbox with fresh and healthy meals, snacks and desserts!  Our Young Chefs will safely learn how to prepare basic snacks and appetizers that are nutritious, delicious and will satisfy their growing appetites! Other topics will include fun facts and origins of food, proper dining etiquette, and the importance of maintaining a clean and safe kitchen environment.

 Young Chefs: Students will learn the fundamental skills of culinary arts. Some of these skills include certain cutting styles, kitchen equipment, and safety precautions. Students will assist in making a variety of meals such as pesto pasta, Chinese chicken and broccoli takeout, customize their own hot cocoa mix, and much more.


Time 2 Dance (Hip-Hop): Hip-hop dance is a form of dance that is upbeat and fun and develops coordination, rhythm, flexibility, and self expression. Hip hop is unique in the way that it allows dancers the freedom of movement adding in their own personalities. This class teaches hip-hop techniques and builds upon the concept of rhythm and how it relates to body movement


Architecture: Students will learn the fundamentals of Architecture and use these skills to design buildings, skyscrapers, city plans and even create something as colossal as a theme park!

Board Game Design: Students will be designing their very own board games! They will come up with a theme, mold their own game pieces, and create rules and objectives for the game.  Classmates and parents will be invited to play their board games at the end of the session!

Ceramics: This introductory class provides a foundation in three-dimensional work and prepares you to become a sculptor! Students will get a sense of history, explore their artistic side AND make a mess! With the help of special clay tools, students will practice different techniques and styles of ancient and modern ceramics and pottery.  Some of the projects will include, but are not limited to amulet and fetish beads for necklaces, pinch pot vases, and pinch pit whistles.

Invention Convention: Let’s invent! Leonardo da Vinci will serve as an inspiration for students as they discover how he journaled all of his inventions, whether they were practical or impractical showing that every idea deserved a chance. Students will put on their thinking caps as they learn about the invention process, marketing, creating a prototype, and finally building and presenting their inventions using recycled materials. Who knows? One might create the next big invention!

LEGO-Ology – (The knowledge of Legos®) is a class that will highlight the history of how an open ended toy evolved into such a creative and massive empire. Not only will this class be a fun and hands on, it will push their imaginations to the limit and challenge their math and art skills as well.  Each day, students will have time to explore independently or in a group LEGO building.  Projects include: painting a simple wooden toy, making plastic and submitting a structure to the LEGO World Cup! Students will also design their own “LEGOLAND” park as the base of their own board game. There will be a LEGO Museum on the last day of the class to showcase all our Master Builders’ creations.

Scrapbooking: Scrapbooking is a decorative memory capsule that captures people, places and special occasions. Students will learn the basics of scrapbooking to creatively make their own album. These memories can be expressed in the form of photos, illustrations, text, stickers, souvenirs and plenty more!

Sculpture: Students will learn how to create three-dimensional artwork using a variety of mediums such as clay and recyclable materials.

“U” Design: “This creative class encompasses the design process using critical and abstract thinking. Students will learn the history of innovative and young designers. They will be designing everything from every day objects, fashion wear, books, and their very own dream house — inside and out! The focus is on engineering and applying mathematic skills to the foundation of building.”


The Amazing E3 Race: The Amazing Enrichment Race is an enrichment experience based on the television show The Amazing Race!  Students will discover and learn about a pre-determined country by means of sharpening their knowledge of geography.  They will learn how to read maps and create their own ‘relief map.’  Students will learn interesting facts about the countries they travel to, in part facilitated by Children’s Highlights: Top Secret Adventures!  Physical activities and art project challenges are introduced into obstacle courses, where the goal is to capture the flag of the subject country and cross the finish line!  Then it’s off to the next country!  This is a fast-pace, exciting, fun adventure your child will recount over and over!

Amazing Race: Hawaii: E3 Amazing Race goes to Hawaii. Students will learn about the geography of our 50th state by focusing on skills like map reading, learning cultural arts, and traditions of the islands. They will complete physical challenges such as learning the motions of how to surf, hula, play the ukulele, and ipus (a gord instrument). Some of the art experiences include making leis, grass skirts, and re-creating landscapes of the islands with multimedia.

Rainforest Discovery Part 1: Rainforests are extremely dense, warm and wet forests that are homes for millions of plants and animals. Students will uncover this enchanted place and all its glory through art, science and history. They will also learn about opportunities to become advocates for saving the rainforest.

Rainforest Discovery Part 2: Students will delve into the specific animals and their roles in the rainforest. They will be making masks of the animals, which will be used as props for their play production based on the book, The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry. The performance will take place at the end of the session.



American Sign Language: In this introductory class, students will learn basic sign language by using their hands, facial expressions and cues to communicate. Students will also be exposed to the alphabet, numbers, basic vocabulary, proper nouns and everyday greetings. In addition, students will also learn about who uses sign language and will be joined by guest speakers from the ASL community.

French: Bonjour! Students will explore the French language through words, images, games, and audio recordings. The goal of the class is to develop cultural understanding while working on language and communication skills. Students will build their French vocabulary and learn everyday words and phrases in a fun and encouraging environment.

Hebrew: This class gives students an opportunity to learn about Jewish traditions, holidays and introduce students how to read and write in Hebrew, as well as prepare for Bar/Bat Mitzvah studies. (only available at some sites)

Latin: The Latin for Beginners class will introduce the students to the building blocks of the English language. They will explore word development through the eyes of botanists, astronomers, and cloud chasers to name a few. The learners will also gain a light cultural and historical background along the way.

Mandarin: Students will come face to face with a language that is completely different from English. They will be introduced to Chinese characters in a fun way that will focus on the original pictograms. Common vocabulary and sentence structure will come to life on three levels: practice of tones, pinyin, and writing characters. We will explore Chinese through culture, music, and games while experiencing language learning from a different viewpoint.

Spanish: This isn’t your typical Spanish class! Have fun learning about the language and various Spanish-speaking cultures while listening to different types of Spanish music and sampling a variety of Spanish influenced cuisine.  Students will explore the Spanish language through words, images, games, and audio recordings. The goal of the class is to develop cultural understanding while working on language and communication skills. Students will build their Spanish vocabulary and learn everyday words and phrases in a fun, patient and encouraging environment.


Guitar: This introductory class will cover beginner’s guitar through several genres of music in a fun and encouraging environment. Students will learn the different parts of the guitar, their specific functions and gradually transition into guitar playing techniques.  Discover how styles originated, influenced each other, and developed their own unique sound.

Keyboard: Let’s make some music! Our young musicians will be introduced to the keyboard, learn “sight reading” and begin to play basic scales. This class will also cover the history behind the piano as they learn how music was written specifically for this instrument.  Students will also take part in ear training and will be introduced to several genres of music and recognize how they have evolved over time.

Music Jam: Students are introduced to various percussion instruments, keyboards and guitar in a free form classroom atmosphere.  Students will work collaboratively with their band-mates as they learn about music, instruments, music composition, and ultimately experience the process of becoming a jazz/rock band member!

Roots of American Music: This class represents the evolution of American music and how its history has paved the way for the music we listen to today. Each week will highlight a different genre of popular music and will include sample clips of songs and various projects.  Students will also be encouraged to write their own songs in the genre of their choice.  At the close of the session, students will culminate what they have learned by doing a performance for their peers.

Violin: Young musicians will be introduced to violin through the Suzuki Method.  They will cover violin posture, musical concepts, and the technique and care of the instrument and bow.


Drama: Students will conduct a variety of activities that will build and promote social interaction, public speaking and stage presence.  At the close of the session, our students will unveil a special performance!

Drama-O-Rama: Students will learn the fundamentals of theatre through lesson and practice. They will learn everything from the origins and structure of drama, how to be a part of the audience, as well as setting the stage. Each day includes a warm-up of the day that targets acting skills such as focusing on energy and using your voice to project. Students will get to learn about each other and work together to create a play production towards the end of the session.

Glee Club: Inspired by the hit television series, Glee Club takes popular songs and introduces them to the stage.  Students will be taught to combine choreography and lyrics for a state-worthy rendition of their favorite songs. Glee Club will be divided into small groups for the Production Party performance at the end of the session.  Each student will have the opportunity to shine and be a part of a great performance.

Lights, Camera, Kids! How often have you heard someone say, “There’s no business like show business?”  They’re right!  And for those who dare, there is a world many have felt privileged to enter. Words like audition, casting, commercials, slating, improvisation, dialogue, voice-overs, dubbing, and more will be discovered and defined through humor and firsthand experience.  Lights, Camera, Kids will offer the student lessons in self-confidence, setting goals, working as a team, communication, and gaining a foothold in any world of competition.

Lights, Camera, Kids! 2:  This class is a continuation of the very popular, Lights, Camera, Kids 1.  This class will delve further into complex improvisation, using more of their imagination for creating and writing their own stories and scripts, and directing other students in this process.  The class will also continue to visit the world of animation and voice overs.

Reader’s Theatre: Under the direction of Sierra Fisk, students will invent characters, stories, and scenes by infusing their scripts with expressive voices, creative settings and invented dialogue.   A short production will be held at the end of the session, showing casing the talent of our young actors.


Archeology: Students will learn the basics on the study of things that people have made or used in the past and infer about what was left behind. The goal of this class is to understand the value of the people from our past and how they lived. Students will engage in archeology dig at the end of the session to reinforce what they learned.

Adventures in Science: Students will learn about the scientific method as they come up with their own theory, test a hypothesis and reach a conclusion on a scientific marvel.  Our young scientists will also re-discover their five senses through exciting hands-on experiments.

Astronomy: What is astronomy and why should we study it?  Astronomy is an amazing science because it explores space from its tiny specks of dust to its huge cluster of stars.  Students will explore the Milky Way and beyond with the history of our solar system and neighboring planets.  They will also gain knowledge of space flight, space age exploration, and learn how a telescope is used to see remote objects from afar!

Botany & Gardening: This two-part class will be likened to a “lecture and lab” format where students will learn the science of botany and reinforce what they’ve learned through hands on planting.  Our botany lab work will focus on soil studies and “seed mysteries.”  Gardening will take place in our E3 garden or in a designated area on school campus.  Students will get their hands dirty and be in touch with the earth as they build and maintain their gardens and see the fruits of their labor!

Electricity & Magnetism: Sparks will fly as we make shocking discoveries into Electricity and Magnetism.  Students will safely create sparks, an electrostatic motor, magnetic field patterns and will even build their very own flashlight! Our young scientists will also get a sense of history as we discuss the inventors who laid the foundation for today’s advanced technology.

Environmental Science: Students will conduct science experiments that will focus on eco-minded resources such as the use of solar power and organic materials.

E3 “SCI” Show: This class is in a game show format in which each week students will learn different aspects of Planet Earth. Some of these topics include the Earth’s Atmosphere, Seasons & Climates, Landforms, and more! Students will work on social skills as they come together as a team to showcase their knowledge of the planet they live on!

Film Science: The art and science of special effects can make for some exciting moments in movies.  In this class, students will conduct science projects and experiments that will be pieced together to make a short film.  Students may work in groups or create one film collaboratively.  Each week will uncover new chapters such as imaging, props, sounds effects, lighting and the speed of sound.

Great Scientists : Great scientists have paved the way for great learners today. Students will be able to study some of the most influential scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton, Marcello Malpighi, Leonardo Da Vinci, and much more. They will dive into concepts that each of these scientists help develop like how colors are made, what sound actually is, and who discovered the function of taste buds. Each week will focus on a scientist of the day and an experiment that relates to each concept. Kids will enjoy investigating and encompass a realm of discovery.

Hands on Science: High Touch High Tech provides totally hands-on, totally participatory and totally FUN science and nature experiences for kids. With science programs ranging in scope from archeology to zoology, children have the unique opportunity to experience a wide variety of science disciplines, all taught in a setting that is highly interactive, educational and engaging. Each week children are exposed to a difference science discipline and at the end of each program, they will take home an experiment they worked on and a program summary so the parents know what was taught that day.

Marine Biology:  Students will learn about diverse marine ecosystems and the impacts human have on marine life. They will have the opportunity to work and explore different marine habitats from seashell homes to homes for hermit crabs. This class examines important ocean explorers as well as emphasizing the idea that the ocean is a vital resource. This introductory marine biology class will encourage all the young, aspiring marine biologists out there!

Nutrition: This hands-on class will introduce students to the importance of making healthier food and physical activity choices, using the food pyramid as a guide. Students will then use what they have learned to prepare some nutritious and delicious snacks.

“O is for Ology” Speleology, geology and archeology will be the focus of this class as students uncover our physical earth in different capacities that include, caves, archaeological sites, the rock cycle and its significance to the earth.  Students will be exploring and “spelunking” in no time!

Water Science (H20 Science): Using one of nature’s most precious resources, students will experiment with the wonders of water through a variety of science experiments.  Our scientists in training will learn how water is made of Hydrogen and Oxygen and how these atoms are bonded and manipulated by the elements of the earth.  This class will also touch base on water molecules, density, temperature and buoyancy.

Young Doctors: An extension of our signature “Body Oz” curriculum, students will explore the inner workings of the human body at a more challenging level.  Students will learn about the human heart, brain and various organ systems such as the skeletal system and the circulatory system.  Medical health professionals will also make guest appearances for a Q & A with the students.


Baseball: Our goal is to create a learning environment that will produce a fun and active understanding of the basic components that make up the sport of baseball. Children will be playing baseball themed games in an pressure-free atmosphere that stress basic fundamental techniques as well as good sportsmanship. The only requirement is an energetic and positive attitude! These activities are set for all grade levels to enjoy. Let’s have fun and PLAY BALL!!

Basketball: Get ready as E3 invites you to the court to learn dribbling skills, passing, shooting and defensive and offensive strategies, while emphasizing team games and small group activities.  Most importantly, students will learn the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Cheer & Fitness*:Fitness and cheer class will emphasize and incorporate cheer, and cheer techniques. We will promote teamwork, school spirit and self-esteem. We will cover the importance of nutrition and taking care of our bodies to build confidence and spirits. We will teach a dance, multiple cheers and incorporate them into routines that we will perform at school events. The students must maintain passing grades, and be respectful to parents, teachers and peers in order to be on the cheer squad.  (*Serrania site only)

Flag Football: is a version of American football in which students will learn the basic rules of the game without tackling, but rather defensively removing a flag or flag belt from the ball carrier. Students will be challenged both physically and mentally as they learn the fundamentals of football.  Students will learn about various positions and plays, practice throwing, conduct drills, and participate in official games.

Football: Students will be challenged both physically and mentally as they learn the fundamentals of football.  Students will learn about various positions and plays, practice throwing, conduct drills, and participate in official games.

Frisbee Fanatics-Students will have a blast playing a variety of Frisbee games! From Frisbee Hula Hoop Toss, Frisbee Bowling, Frisbee Tic Tac Toe to Ultimate Frisbee, students will be able to further develop motor skills by staying active in the variety of these games. In Ultimate Frisbee, students will learn the basics of this non-contact sport and will be able to explore problem-solving skills as they strategize in a team setting.

Kickball: Students will learn the basic rules of kickball by participating in teams and games. Students will work on fine motor skills as they learn strategies throughout the session. Kids will love this great alternative to baseball. Players are able to run around, get some physical movement, and bond with friends in a fun, social environment.

Sportswork:  Have you ever wondered how and why a curveball curves? What about how figure skaters spin on end without getting dizzy?  Students will learn the science behind their favorite sports and explore these ideas by participating in fun and energetic activities. Activities include figuring out your own heart rate, learning how to stretch and warm up appropriately before sports, figuring out how gravity plays a big role in our bodily movements, and so much more. Students will be developing their motor skills, as well as, focusing on the scientific aspect of the wonderful world of sports!

Soccer: Let’s make some goals!  Students will be challenged both physically and mentally to learn this exciting sport as they cover formations, practice drills and play in official games. Most importantly, they will learn the values of teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Tennis: Come serve it up with TGA Premier Youth Tennis! TGA has partnered with the United States Tennis Association to create a fun and innovative tennis program for your child that takes place after school on campus. TGA’s 5 level elementary school curriculum includes games, drills and physical fitness activities that improve motor skills, agility and hand-eye coordination. Every TGA class focuses on academic concepts developed by educational experts, the rules and etiquette of tennis and skill development. The certified and kid friendly TGA instructors provide all of the equipment and training materials. Their goal is to not only develop our student’s tennis skills, but to give children the building blocks for future achievement on the tennis court and in life. Students that participated in a previous TGA Tennis class and received a level wrist band will move on to the next skill level throughout the session.

Track and Field: Join the competition of the E3 Track Olympics.  Children will learn the history of Track & Field and compete in 60-meter sprint, shot put, discus, 400-meter relay and the “javelin kick” in our first E3 Olympics.

Volleyball: Students will experience the value of teamwork and sportsmanship as they develop the fundamental skills of volleyball through drills and practice games.  Students will learn proper rules, how to hit, serve, assist, block, and become familiar with various player positions.


Chess: The game of Chess promotes problem solving, critical thinking and concentration.  Students will learn how chess pieces move, their relative values, how to record moves, open a game and deliver checkmate.  “No Stress Chess” offers a different approach to teaching chess by breaking it down step by step in a fun and challenging manner.

E3 Colonial Times is a Social Studies Living History class that helps students understand the time period at the birth of our country with hands on activities such as the games kids played, investigating the many architectures of Jamestown, Virginia homes, our first settlement, and how people dressed.   They will investigate how children practiced their ABC’s by writing with a quill.  Students will learn many jobs during that time and be silversmiths in our Paul Revere Silversmith Shop.  The class will culminate with our students recreating enrichment Colonial Times settlement for parents to visit.

Film: Ever dream of making movies? Adapted from the Freshi program, E3 offers a twist on this hands-on digital filmmaking workshop.  In this introductory class, kids will work together to make a short film in their genre of choice. They will plan, act and shoot the entire film as they learn the fundamentals of movie making.  Students will work creatively and collaboratively with their fellow classmates to unveil a short movie at the end of the class term.

Journalism: Welcome to the E3 newsroom!  Students will be trained in basic editing, writing, photography, book making, and cartooning.  They will also gain knowledge of how to collect and classify data, and work together in teams to decide on what issues, themes and topics to cover.

Karate: Our dynamic and positive teaching style will have kids believing and achieving! With the right balance of physical training, discipline and life skills, The Action Academy is blazing the trail for modern martial arts training.  Kids will learn respect and discipline in a positive, encouraging, high-energy environment that is always delivered with a great sense of fun.

Kids Finance Academy:  Students will learn about their financial world through fun games and interactive activities that make consumer wise kids!  They will gain financial wisdom following a budget, managing money, and making investments to become good financial planners!

L.A. County Experts: Do you have family coming in from out of town? Who needs tour guides when you have your kids! In this class, students will learn everything there is to know about Los Angeles County. Kids will be engaged by reading about California facts and sharing them with all of their family and friends. They will explore the various attractions and theme parks we have available to us from Disneyland to Universal Studios. They will also learn about all the museums that are scattered over the county we live in from the California Science Center to the MOCA to the La Brea Tar Pits! Students will even learn about the many cultures that reside here by exploring the different kinds of new and innovative food trucks! Some projects include creating their own sand castle inspired from California’s best beaches to making their own Hollywood Star and much more.

Medieval Times: Life in the Medieval Times will be studied and accompanied by fun activities such as, creating a castle, a catapult, and even designing a personal coat of arms. Students will be able to travel back in time and see how life was in such a historic period.

Poetry Kidz: Poetry is an imaginative type of literature that encourages dialogue, speaking, and listening skills. Students will learn the basic elements of poetry such as rhyme, similes, imagery, and much more through fun games, discussions, and writing their own poems. Each week, there will be a “Poet of the Day” where children will be introduced to a famous poet such as Shel Silverstein, Robert Frost, Maya Angelou, and many other outstanding poets.

Pokemath: Furthering analytical thinking through the game of Pokémon. This fun class offers tactics in playing the game of Pokémon. Each student provides their own decks of Pokémon cards and will be taught the rules as well as strategies to master the game. The class will emphasize the math skills needed to play the game as well as deck construction. Students will engage in friendly tournaments to learn the value of good sportsmanship.

Puppet Making: Puppet shows are widely used to narrate stories and teach morals and concepts to children.  Puppet making tends to improve motor skills, creativity, and imagination of children of all ages.  In this class, children will get the opportunity to construct a puppet from their imagination or construct a pre-made puppet.  Children will also work to bring their puppets to life to put on a puppet show for the Production Party!

Speed Stacks: Students will engage in the sport that promotes hand-eye coordination, ambidexterity, and quickness.  They will also learn a variety of stacking methods and have the opportunity to compete with fellow classmates in timed competitions.

Yoga: This art form has been shown to improve coordination, posture and stress relief in all ages.  Students will challenge their minds and bodies to learn different postures, poses and movements.

Young Authors: This class represents self-expression and creativity at its finest. Students will learn fundamentals to bookmaking and find out how to write and illustrate their own stories using similar guidelines that authors use. They will also experience how a publishing company works, taking on various “jobs” to complete the task of creating a book.  At the end of the session, students will reveal their new books and host a book signing for parents and guests!

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